Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is an honor organization for financial information students and professionals. 



Beta Alpha Psi will shape the financial and business information professions by developing members into ethical, professional, and confident leaders


The purpose of Beta Alpha Psi is to engage with members, industry and educational institutions associated with the Beta Alpha Psi Professions to:

Academic Excellence

Motivate, recognize and celebrate academic excellence

Professional Development

Facilitate workplace readiness, employment, credentialing, mentoring, networking and lifelong learning

Responsible Practices

Foster a commitment to ethics, service, belonging, and environmental, social, governance-responsible practices


Advocate for the benefits of education, practice, credentialing and partnering associated with the Beta Alpha Psi Professions

Financial and Business Information


The mission of Beta Alpha Psi, the premier international honor and service organization for financial and business information students and professionals, is to inspire and support excellence by:

  • encouraging the study and practice of accountancy, finance, business analytics or digital technology;
  • providing opportunities for service, professional development, and interaction among members and financial professionals; and
  • fostering lifelong ethical, social, and public responsibilities.

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