Sport and Entertainment Business Association

Learn from Professionals in the Sport and Entertainment Industry

We are the Sport and Entertainment Business Association. we provide students with a network to learn from professionals in the sport and entertainment industry, connect with those professionals, and grow into their potential in their future careers within the industry.  Our motivated and passionate members will learn about different opportunities involving careers in the industry.  This organization connects students with influential members across the professional sports and live entertainment community by educating, spreading knowledge, and cultivating relationships. We find the most value in focusing on wisdom provided by guest speakers within the industry as well as collaborative efforts with local organizations. 

SEBA 2020 promotional video

We are extremely excited to announce that we will be hosting a virtual guest speaking series to connect students with successful professionals from the industry throughout the entire upcoming school year! This is an amazing networking and relationship building opportunity where students will be able to learn from the best in the industry. We have an incredible lineup of guest speakers thus far, and we are still adding to our list. If you’re potentially looking for a career in the Sport and Entertainment industry or if you love to enjoy sport and entertainment, this is for you!!!

Sport and Entertainment Business Association

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