Warrior Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Warrior Entrepreneurs and Innovators

The Warrior Entrepreneurs and Innovators (WEI) student organization is focused on creating a solid foundation for entrepreneurs and innovators to network, engage and learn entrepreneurial solutions. Our organization will help students develop, build and grow relationships that will further expand their venture or start-up. We are open to all majors who have an interest in pursuing entrepreneurship. All business and EI students are encouraged to join. WEI is a great opportunity for students to get involved on and off campus with networking, meetings, guest speakers, workshops and other special events. Our mission is to promote the foundation of what it takes to become an entrepreneur and provide the resources needed to begin a business.



The road to entrepreneurship is often a treacherous one filled with unexpected detours, roadblocks and dead ends. WEI aims to help turn these roadblocks into speed-bumps. The more knowledge and skills a person has, the more “tools” they have within their “toolkit”. Our organization is designed to help students develop, build, and grow themselves to further expand their future career and entrepreneurial horizons. We are open to all majors who have an interest in expanding their entrepreneurial knowledge-base and provide great opportunities to connect with other future entrepreneurs both at WSU, as well as all around the country!


By becoming a member of WEI, you gain access to the extensive resource base of CEO, Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization. Through both WEI and CEO, students will have countless opportunities to attend networking events, guest speaker series, and workshops

"You have to see failure as the beginning and the middle,
but never entertain it
as an end."