Accenture Innovation Lab.

This event will highlight the expectations for the technical world.

It will include the future of IoT (Internet of Things), Digital Manufacturing, Innovator lab, VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality).

The goal is to highlight the skills necessary to create the bridge between technology and business.

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Overcome the “beta burden”

In the digital era, everything is connected.

To unlock the full value of this opportunity, businesses need to confront the “beta burden,” and the unintended consequences that occur when smart tech – smart products, and the experiences they contain – are constantly in flux.

"79% of executives believe their industry is moving toward offering more variety in ownership models for their connected products and/or services.”

Companies can now change the functionality of smart products or reconfigure their ecosystem over time. But they have to make sure that the customer experience remains consistent and supported throughout all these changes. Customers expect nothing less.

The Dilemma of Smart Things

Detroit Innovation Hub

The innovation hub is designed to help clients grow, compete and transform in the digital economy.

Located in the manufacturing core of America, the Detroit Innovation Hub has multiple locations that provide cutting-edge innovation that can help you address your toughest industry challenges and keep pace with rapid change.

In just 150 years, industrialization changed the world.  Productivity exploded. Living standards skyrocketed. People are living longer and healthier lives.

Now, digitalization is changing the world. Business models are evolving. The world economy is rapidly digitizing. Competitors are changing. Industry boundaries have blurred.

How will you respond? The pace of change continues to accelerate as innovative technologies build on each other. Cloud. Agility. Dev, Ops.

The best way to know the future is to invent it. Explore trends, technology, innovation, industry evolution. Experience digital transformation, disruptive innovation, the future of business, technology changing the world. 

Productivity Exploded

Can Your Enterprise Survive the Tech-Clash?

There’s been a lot of talk about “tech-lash,” or pushback against the latest technology. But the facts don’t bear this out: people are using technology more than ever. According to the Technology Vision Consumer Survey, 52% of consumers say that technology plays a prominent role or is ingrained into almost all aspects of their day-to-day lives. In fact, 19% report that technology is so intertwined with their lives that they view it as an extension of themselves.  They are post-digital.

None of the steps on the journey are incremental changes, nor are they as simple as finding the next technological tool to do what you’re already doing today. Leading in the future will demand rethinking core assumptions about how an enterprise works and redefining the intersection between people and technology.

The Post-Digital People

Reimagine the Business through Human and AI Collaboration

"75% of executives said that if they don't start aggressively deploying AI that they will be out of business in 2025"


AI and Me