Accenture Innovation Lab.

This event will highlight the expectations for the technical world.

It will include the future of IoT (Internet of Things), Digital Manufacturing, Innovator lab, VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality).

The goal is to highlight the skills necessary to create the bridge between technology and business.

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Who is Accenture?

 Question:  Who is Accenture?

So let me walk through Accenture. So Accenture over simplistically stated is a full-service consulting company. If you think about the different types of consulting or the types of functions within consulting, you typically have your strategic consulting; you typically have your management consulting; you typically have some sort of technology component of your consulting systems; integration something of that nature.  So if you think about soup-to-nuts strategy consulting technology and operations. That's that's who we are. 

We go from what we're learning right now in courses and assignments and team projects -- that's the logic stage of learning and we've got to make that step into the rhetorical side where we're integrating it all.

 The job that I may be hired for now that I may be asked to do now is not going to be that job in three years and what we may have had three years with pre-pandemic, we're probably going to be closer to maybe eight to 12 months in a cycle.  It's evolving so quickly. 

A Conversation with Horace Tiggs


Horace Tiggs:  LinkedIn Profile: Horace Tiggs

A credentialed Technology and Business Executive where career experiences stand at the intersect of Strategy, Execution, and Operations.

Horace has been leading innovation, complex technology, systems integration, outsourcing, and business transformation programs underpinned by technology enablement throughout the full lifecycle of a project.  

Accenture Innovation Hub

Question: Can you give an informal explanation of the Innovation corridor with Accenture?  

Within North America, we have 12 innovation hubs in the major cities that you would expect them to be. If I break that down within our Detroit innovation hub, we have six different elements.  So downtown we have a delivery center or delivery studio that focuses specifically on front-end development -- tableau integration, things of that nature. We also have a quantum computing lab down there where we talk about how quantum computing can marry with business to enable specific advancements. Then in Livonia, we have our innovation center which is really the heart and soul of our innovation hub and it's really the center of manufacturing, industrial, automotive, as well as art of the possible for how all of those different services that I lined out can come together to derive a product. Up in Ann Arbor, we  have a Forge which is really the heart and soul 
of a combination of custom application development.  That's a center where embedded hardware, embedded software, smart devices, things like that happen and then in  
Troy we have two locations. We have one called mxm which is a full-scale creative and marketing agency over simplifying that but full scope creative and marketing and then we also have a company up there called mac a vision which is a part of our hub which is everything  cgi. So if you think about advertisement and things of that nature just from a cgi digital  twin lens. 


Accenture Innovation Hub

Why Should I Attend?
Better Question, "Why Not?"

Question: Why would an accounting major, why would a supply chain major be interested or why would they want to know about what happens with Accenture's Innovation hub?

It's an interesting question.  I think our clients ask us the same thing like "Why are you bringing us to an industry centric piece of your Innovation hub when I really focus on health care?"  The simple answer is this.   

One, you take a step back and you just think about global business at its core.  Every business is a health business. Every business is a technology business. Every business is a supply chain business.  Every business has some sort of experience.  Every business has a front-end capability business. So there are all of these things that come together and so agnostic of the industry the capability and the function permeate all of them.

So why should an accounting major and an ISM major integrate in an Innovation hub? It's because we need both of you to do your job but you can't do it by yourself. So the whole point of the Innovation hub is to serve as a nexus point to bring these unique functions together. 

Two is when you think about businesses, they all sit at the intersection of a combination of a function an industry, a technology and then a capability. So, if we think about MISB there's technology enablement in two forms. Form number one, how you run the school. Form number two, what you're teaching. 

Why Should I Attend?