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Hello, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the pillar skills offered by Agency M-1.



Why Should I Have A CRM?

Download the "State of Customer Service in 2020".  This ebook highlights that CRM systems share a  customer view between their service and sales teams. Marketing automation increases your company's personal interaction with your most important asset - your customers and clients!

The Importance of Quality Customer Relationship Management System


  • CRM is among the top three tools and technologies for creating personalized interactions with customers to foster loyalty and better marketing ROI. (Salesforce, 2017)
  • High performers are happier with the level of collaboration between their marketing team and other departments and they're also three times more likely than under-performers to extensively use CRM tools. (Salesforce, 2017)

How Do I Create A CRM?

Custom CRM software development doesn't have to be overwhelming or out of reach. Agency M-1 can teach you the skills you need and introduce you to simple, drag-and-drop tools that let your team feel like champions! Remember, 76% of customers prefer using self-service over speaking with an agent by phone. Customizing that experience for them helps them, and helps your team be more effective and efficient at the same time.

Self-service documentation allows your customers to help themselves, therefore saving your company time and money. 

There are many steps to creating an outstanding CRM.  Securing the services of an experienced CRM website and development agency increases your chance of creating a useful, great experience that will last for years to come. Let us help you!

Setting up your CRM.  


Show Me Your CRM System!

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Help Me Develop My CRM! 

You might be asking yourself, "What are CRM skills?" No worries! We have modules and layouts that have already been designed to showcase content in a diverse yet consistent manner.

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A CRM helps your customers find needed information quickly.