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Why Should I Do Email Marketing?

Download the "State of Email Marketing in 2020".  Email remains one of the most important and effective ways for your business to connect with customers and build lasting relationships with them.

The Importance of High-Quality Email Marketing

Clickthrough Rate

  • Message Personalization is the number one tactic used by email marketers to improve performance. (HubSpot, 2020)
  • Nearly 10% of organizations with over 1,000 employees achieve click-through rates greater than 15%. (HubSpot, 2017)
  • 35% of marketers choose to send three-to-five emails per week to their customers. (HubSpot, 2020)

Email Usage

  • The average email deliverability across all email service providers is 79.6%. (EmailToolTester, 2019)
  • Email marketing was ranked as the second most effective medium for building brand awareness. (Campaign Monitor, 2019)

Email Copy

  • Over 20% of marketers surveyed say that email design is improving their email engagement. (HubSpot, 2020)
  • Companies that A/B test every email see email marketing returns that are 37% higher than those of brands that never include A/B tests. (Litmus, 2019)

Mobile Email

  • In 2018, almost 50% of all marketing emails were opened on a mobile device. (Statista, 2018)
  • Apple iPhone and Gmail are the most popular clients for opening mobile emails. (Campaign Monitor, 2019)

Email Segmentation

  • Email campaigns segmented by user interest see 74.53% higher click rates as compared to non-segmented campaigns. (Mailchimp, 2017)

How Do I Create an Email Marketing Program?

Remember, 76% of customers prefer using self service over speaking with an agent by phone.

Self service documentation allows your customers to help themselves, therefore saving your company time and money. 

There are many steps to create an outstanding CRMLet us help you!

Setting up your CRM.  


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A CRM helps your customers find needed information quickly.