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Agency M-1 is a ISM student-run, student-managed digital consulting agency that offers innovative solutions to our clients’ most pressing information systems needs. Agency M-1 derives its name from its location on Woodward Avenue in the MISB building. The agency is located in Detroit, Michigan.

As digital natives, our associates provide creative insights into the rapidly evolving digital market space. Working with a variety of Detroit-area clients enables our students to apply their skills to real world problems and provides small and medium-sized businesses with the services and personalized attention that they would get at a fully staffed digital agency.

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Agency M-1 Consulting is a digital agency formed through a generous HubSpot grant. We are one of the few agencies to be selected amongst a plethora of others. Our youth professionals are trained to offer high-quality end-to-end solutions targeted to bring businesses to new heights.

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Agency M-1 focused speciality skillsets

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Report / Data Analysis

Customer Satisfaction Survey

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

App Development with Swift

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Agency M-1 offers a variety of services to help organization develop a clean and contemporary design to suit a range of purposes from corporate, tech startup to a marketing site. 

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Our students are available for internships.


Our students can help you develop plans for your organization.


Student can consult on a variety of projects.


Students can provide unique insights based upon latest research. 

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