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Flexible & Hybrid Work: Lessons Learned

Note: Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot was interviewed by Kevin Delaney, CEO & Editor in Chief of Charter Works, Inc. on June 8th at the 2022 EmTech Next conference. Flexible and Hybrid Work: Learned Learned The status quo work culture no longer works for most families. --- Sarah Gitlin, Ayushi Gummadi, Alexis Krivkovich, Kunal Modi -- McKinsey Listen to the conversation as Katie Burke discusses Flexible and Hybrid Work arrangements. Question: Hubspot was one of the earliest and most thoughtful companies in terms of adopting flexible and hybrid work. What have you learned so far and what are the key takeaways. Answer: We've learned a lot. Prior to the pandemic, HubSpot had about 10 employees working remote. But like so many organizations, our path to hybrid was massively accelerated by the global pandemic.