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2020-2021 Team Members

Agency M - 1 Press Release May 2020 It is with great pride I am able to highlight the emerging leaders of Agency M-1's first academic year. By taking the integrated software platform of HubSpot and utilizing it as an ERP for student organizations, Agency M -1 has done what others have not; collaborated across business departments within student organizations. The fall 2020 semester's mantra was "Just keep swimming!" and the winter 2021 semester's mantra was "Don't stop believing!" while the parent proposal of the Detroit Inbound Research Center, of which Agency M - 1 is but one part, assessed, adapted, and overcame the obstacles encountered. Many successes for the team and during an online only format, there are many accomplishments to highlight in the days to come. I want to highlight the team members responsible for the innovative ideas and new opportunities through the HubSpot Education Partner Program.

Inbound Recruiting

Inbound Recruiting