Will Hubspot Certification Exams Help Me Get A Better Job?

How will these benefit me in my career?

HubSpot certification courses and exams are designed to show your understanding of the subject and how it is applied in the real world.  Completing these exams is an excellent way to show others that you have a solid understanding of the course material and apply those understandings to HubSpot activities within an organization.  While completing these certifications alone is not enough to guarantee employment, completing the exams is an excellent way to signal to a potential employer that you possess the skills needed for a specific role.  Performing a job search, indicating a HubSpot certification that you completed (i.e., Social Media Certification), will allow you to showcase those skills and certificates to distinguish yourself from the competition.  

While certification in a skill certainly indicates a mastery skill level, certification alone is not enough to land the job.  A candidate looking for a social media director position should possess the skills, education, and work experience to land the job.  However, if the candidate has additional certification in social media skills, this other certification may lead them into a more favorable position with the employer.  Therefore, while it is essential to certify your skillset, certification alone will not be enough to land you the dream position.  HubSpot offers free certification, a benefit to job seekers with minimal disposable income to spend on certificates, and other options for those seeking certification.  Google, LinkedIn, and other companies offer certification in skills that many employers consider desirable.  Understanding your goal and how certifying your skills can become beneficial will be the difference in spending valuable time to complete an examination that will skyrocket your career.

When thinking about certification to highlight essential skills, it is in your best interest to determine which company and certificate will best suit you when you're seeking employment.  Google certifications hold considerable weight in the realm of skill certifications; however, not everyone can afford the hefty cost and time requirements needed for this certification.  Understanding what is best for you, and the industry-standard will allow you to understand which certificate is best for your career. 

Since you are a student in this course (ISM 5705/7505) , and HubSpot certification is free and mandatory in completing the curriculum, it is in your best interest to proudly display those hard-earned certifications, who know it may lead to landing your dream job.