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Use HubSpot’s Content Management System to Organize & Manage Assets

1. Why Should You Organize Your Website Assets? Having an organized Content Management System (CMS) is like having an organized desk.  It helps you to do your job better and more efficiently.  Here, in part one, you will learn how to organize your website assets in the HubSpot CMS.  You will get an overview of the different ways to organize assets, how content status works in HubSpot, and how to use the file manager.  In the second part of this blog post, you will see an example of an organized CMS from a HubSpot customer, ActivePDF. "Organization helps you focus on your priorities and goals.  Without organization, it will be difficult for HubSpot users to manage their own content and complete their goals in the long-term." Thomas Piserchia, Agency M-1 Intern,   YouTube            Instagram      Twitter Please consider following Agency M-1 on these Social Media platforms.  This blog post was authored by Rachel Sheldon (LinkedIn - Twitter). 

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