Be Meek and Unique

by B Lee Meek B Lee Meek | Sep 18, 2020 7:06:42 PM

Each day is unique: we've never been there before, and we will never be there again. Conversely, each day lulls us into a sense that we have always been there and we will always remain. 

Many times we are tempted to accept the status quo, settle into the routine, and follow the lemmings. But I'm guessing, since you are here, that such is not the case for you. You understand the gravity of letting life pass you by without putting so much as a paddle in the water. You comprehend the paradigm of leading by example, not following by rote. You get that we are unique. But, what does it mean to be meek?

Many people get this confused, and they translate this to mean weak. However, it is in those times of greatest pressure that meekness requires the greatest strength. As an exceptional leader, you embody the face of the organization and you carry the entire company to success. Calm success. You never let them see you sweat. Cool and collected all day long. 

That's what being meek and unique is all about. 

Join us next week as we discuss how to instill this differentiating skill in your key employees and building into the architecture of your company culture!

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