How Will Jasper Impact the MBA?

by John Heinrichs John Heinrichs | Jan 26, 2023 5:55:23 AM


MBA ProgramThe purpose of this blog is to explore the potential impact of Jasper, an AI-powered personal assistant, on MBA programs. While there are many unknowns about Jasper at this time, it has the potential to transform how students and faculty interact and manage their workloads. As such, it is important to consider how Jasper could change the MBA experience.

Introducing Jasper: How it will impact the MBA program

The introduction of the Chat GPT, otherwise known as Jasper, to the MBA curriculum, is a groundbreaking step that will open up invaluable opportunities for students to practice their decision-making skills and learn about the latest and most pertinent emerging trends in business. This artificial intelligence chatbot offers business professionals a wide range of real-world opportunities to hone their skills for a variety of applications, including classroom exercises that can be assigned by instructors. Moreover, Jasper's automated conversation engine offers students an immersive experience in line with the modern workforce. With Jasper at the core of many aspects of our MBA program, we hope that it will bring us one step closer to producing competitive leaders who are ready to tackle both today's challenges and those yet to come.

Potential Benefits of Jasper for the MBA Program

MBA students would benefit significantly from utilizing Jasper, a decision-making assistance platform that allows decision-makers to benefit from the power of analytics and creative writing. With Jasper, decision-making can become accurate and data-driven while also tapping into the student's creative decision-making style. This combination of data and creativity can help MBA students become more successful in their decision-making and insight-generation processes. Additionally, for students who prefer to work with visual representation, Jasper's graphic capabilities may allow for a quick understanding of complex decision processes. Not only does this powerful platform help MBA students with decision-making by helping develop alternative scenarios and options, but it also opens the door for potential collaboration opportunities between users where individuals may learn from each other in a time-efficient manner.

Potential Drawbacks of Jasper for the MBA Program

For students enrolled in the MBA program, Jasper might present some potential drawbacks. If accuracy is a priority, then manually computing various equations may be preferred to using Jasper. It is also worth noting that if accuracy is not a great concern, then there are other software options available that could provide greater input accuracy than Jasper and with significantly less data organization required by the student. In addition, while no doubt convenient, Jasper can often limit a student's ability to reach accurate conclusions considering the pre-formulated formulas embedded within it. As such, in the event accuracy must be maintained while analyzing data, manual calculation may be the more prudent option.

Conclusion: Jasper is Likely to Impact the MBA Program

The implementation of Jasper into the MBA program is likely to have a positive impact on the overall experience for students. This creative alternative means that MBA scholars will now have access to a deeper understanding of the material in new and exciting ways that would otherwise not be possible with traditional learning methods. Not only could students learn the same content faster and more efficiently, but they will be able to apply this knowledge more readily in their professional life. Other potential benefits of Jasper include increased engagement with course material, enhanced student-teacher interaction, and improved grades. However, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider such as the cost of the technology and the need for additional training. On the whole, Jasper has the potential to revolutionize how graduate business education is taught and experienced by incoming students.

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