What is Agency M-1?

by Lesa Verbick Lesa Verbick | Oct 9, 2020 11:18:10 AM

Agency M – 1, a digital consultancy conceptualized, created, and is led by emerging professionals at the Mike Ilitch School of Business (MISB) as the result of a generous grant from HubSpot.   The leadership of this student organization and its faculty advisor nurtured the vision to create opportunities for students while assisting real businesses to capitalize on untapped revenue using information systems.

Opportunities exist for MISB students to apply their skills, education, and experience in the agency to benefit the small- and mid-market business community in Detroit, MI. Specialties range from marketing campaigns, data and campaign analytics, search engine optimization, and finance. These categories are all built on the pillars of inbound marketing, sales, and service strategies in HubSpot software. Students from all business disciplines (even those not mentioned above) at WSU/MISB will have opportunity to participate in various roles, capacities, and responsibilities as the agency grows. Innovation and forward-thinking will be required as the needs of our internal (student organizations) and external (business community) customers exceed the capacities of what has already been built.

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